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What began as an attempt to go viral on TikTok blossomed into a content creation career, collaborations with my favorite beauty brands, and a freelance social media role at Byrdie. From testing out buzzy TikTok makeup trends to working brand-side on social media strategy, I know what works — and what doesn't — on the For You page. As a Gen Z content creator, I possess a keen awareness of the copywriting, brand-building, trend-sourcing, and social listening that it takes to understand Gen Z and the algorithm. 




As a freelance social media creator at Byrdie | Dot Dash Meredith, I host, produce, and edit ~15 beauty-related videos a month. I've tried out everything from clickbait-y blush hacks to the hottest new skincare launches. I work behind the scenes to forge strategic partnerships with brands like Rhode, Soho House, and Charlotte Tilbury, resulting in synergistic short-form video content that engages viewers while also heightening brand awareness. In the span of eight months, my content has generated over 4 million views across our 700K+ followers on TikTok and Instagram, along with a repost from Hailey Bieber herself!  


Soko Glam

During my brand marketing internship at Soko Glam, I ideated, produced, edited, and scheduled short-form TikTok and Instagram Reels content for Soko Glam's K-beauty brand, Then I Met You. Ranging from sensorial skincare ASMR videos to skincare memes, I created content that was not only engaging but also visually appealing and on-brand, resulting in a 35% boost in our social engagement rate. 



Glow Recipe

A few months ago, I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to star in Glow Recipe's Dew You Anonymous Casting Call. In addition to being featured in image and video ad placements around London, Miami, New York, and more, I collaborated with the brand on a GRWM-style video showcasing my personality while also demonstrating the efficacy of Glow Recipe products and my positive experience with the campaign. This collaboration was posted on Glow Recipe's TikTok and Instagram channels, which boast a combined following of over 2.5 million users.


Clevver | Hearst

During my 2021 social media internship at Hearst Magazines, I curated and created organic and on-trend social media content for Clevver's social media audience of over 350,000 followers. On set, I liaised with actors, models, and influencers to produce short-form video content and organize Q&A campaigns with the Clevver audience. 



Cosmopolitan Magazine

As I was writing my Cosmo article on the Duke "influencer" class, I collaborated with Cosmo's social team to strategize what social media content I could create to drive traffic to the article. The result: a mini opinion doc featured across Cosmo's Instagram and TikTok in addition to In an age where many Gen Zers consume news via social media, I believe that this synergy between social media and editorial content is more important now than ever.



My first foray into the beauty world was Skinfecta, a social skincare diary that I created in 2019. What began as an insecure teenage boy's way to document his Accutane journey eventually spiraled into an outlet to discuss diversity, sustainability, and transparency in beauty (the PR packages were a nice bonus). More recently, I've pivoted to more personal, short-form video content that discusses skincare and beauty topics in an authentic yet highly engaging manner. 

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